How do I place a test order?

In staging and production, a test order can be placed using a test credit card number.

You can confirm the cart functionality by checking out with items in the cart and using the test credit card number.  You will receive the confirmation email.  The test order will not be included in your order data and summaries, however.

Placing a test order on Shoppable's DTC Lite v5, Ad Experience, and Instant Shop.
  • Test the functionality of Shoppable's cart technology without placing a real order in staging or production environments.
  • When at the checkout page, use the test credit card number in the CC field: 4111111111111111 (the number four followed by fifteen ones). 
  • In the Expiration Date fields, enter any future date (month and year).
  • Enter any value for the CVV. Example: 111.
  • Your test order will be placed, and you will receive a confirmation email. No order, however, will be sent to the retailer(s).
  • Data for test orders will not be included in your dashboard order history or totals.