How to purge all shopper information?

Purge all shopper information with their email address using the Shoppable API deleteOrders endpoint

To allow all Shoppable customers to stay compliant with regulations and data governance we've created web service that allows you to purge all shopper information from the Shoppable ecosystem. 

To perform the following API calls you will need to reach out to your CSM and get your necessary credentials. 

You will need: 

  • Shoppable Token
  • Shoppable Partner ID

Once you've received your credentials you can follow through with your API call as listed below.

(*POSTMAN Link with a fully working example API call listed at the bottom of the page*)

-H ‘Authorization: Bearer Kolu72V3T3eFplHNe66e8aef90aba018’

Below is an example request:

URL Endpoint:



    "email": "",
    "partnerIds": [24271]

Body parameters when generating your request along with some context:

Name Description
email (string) The email address associated with the orders that will be deleted
PartnerIds (array) Id number that Identifies the brand associated to the order




"msg": "1 order(s) deleted for email"


We've attached an example Postman request for the delete Orders endpoint below:

Postman Example Request: