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These are frequently asked questions.

What is Shoppable®? –

Shoppable® is an integrated universal checkout solution where a shopper can buy products from multiple retailers at once and in a single e-commerce checkout. Shoppable's checkout can be embedded in existing websites or power a new shop experience to allow users to shop without being forwarded away to multiple third-party retailers and without ever leaving the point of inspiration. Shoppable® brings the checkout to consumers at the points of discovery to provide a completely frictionless experience.

What platforms can Shoppable® run on? –

Shoppable® can run on virtually any website including e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and blogs. The Shoppable® solution can also be integrated into mobile apps, videos, and voice assistants!

What is a Universal Cart / Universal Checkout? –

A Universal Cart and Universal Checkout is an upgraded way to shop multiple brands and/or products from multiple retailers through a single, streamlined purchase experience. A consumer is able to go to any given site that has the Universal Cart/Checkout capability and purchase products across multiple merchants (ex: Best Buy, Ulta, and Walmart) without having to link out to those sites or place multiple orders under each merchant.

Will I get access to First-Party Consumer Order Data?

Yes, Shoppable® provides this and more consumer data than any other"Buy it now" or "where to buy" vendor. By using Shoppable's solution we are able to provide you with consumer order data (first-party data), online shopping behavior, product performance, sales by merchant, closed-loop campaign ROAS and ROI capabilities, and much more. This data can then be utilized in order to better your brand’s marketing effort and to create an increasingly personalized shopping experience.

Who does Shoppable® work with? 

Shoppable® has customers across all levels of business. We work with businesses that range from some of the largest brands in the world to nonprofits, publishers, influencers, celebrities, marketplaces, and fast-growing startups. 

What is e-commerce? –

E-commerce is the practice of buying and selling goods and services online.

What is PCI Compliance? –

Simply put, PCI Compliance is the approval by the Payment Card Industry for companies to take and process consumer credit card information. In order to get PCI Compliant, there is a 12 month application process and a significant monetary investment. Shoppable® implements PCI Compliance with our patented multi-retailer checkout, so you don’t have to worry about going through the process to become PCI Compliant!

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