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Why does Shoppable process pre-authorizations during checkout?

You can safely ignore pre-authorizations from Shoppable as they will be removed, usually immediately after checkout.

When you submit an order during checkout, Shoppable first issues a pre-authorization check with your credit card. This will include an additional 20% to account for sales tax and any small price changes that might occur once the actual order is placed with the merchants selected in your cart.

The pre-authorization is immediately followed by a cancelation, as this will validate fraud prevention and confirm that sufficient funds are available with your payment method. This will allow your selected merchants to charge your credit card and complete your order. Your credit card statement will list each merchant from which you purchased through Shoppable. Each merchant will be a different line item if you purchased from multiple merchants.

You can safely ignore pre-authorizations from Shoppable that might momentarily show up on your statement as pending because they are always removed leaving only your charges from the merchants included in your cart for your purchases. You will also receive confirmation emails from these merchants confirming your purchase and final purchase amounts."


You will see a Shoppable pending charge that includes a 20% variable cost which will be processed for the final amount once the merchant confirms the order and items availability. You should see the temporary pre-authorization from Shoppable removed within 24-48 hours.