Shoppable v5 Merchants API

An API to list merchants attached to your account

Shoppable Merchants API v5


This endpoint will respond to provide the list of merchants that are attached to your account. There is no parameters/request body needed except of the authorization headers.
API EndPoint



Authentication is done with two headers in the request header. Both the bearer token and x-shoppable-secret will be provided to you by your Customer Success Manager at Shoppable.  

Request Headers 

  "Authorization": “Bearer <Bearer token that will be provided by shoppable>”, 
  "x-shoppable-secret": “<Shoppable Secret will be provided by shoppable>”
  "Content-Type": "application/json"


Request Header authorization parameters when generating your request along with context




Unique token that allows access to authorized users to make calls against the Catalog API.


Unique identifier string that together with the authorization bearer, validates the bearer token    


On a successful call you will receive the an array of merchants that are attached to your account a merchant object will contain following properties


id (string)

Identifier for the merchant

name (string)
Merchant name

merchantLogo (string)

Logo image url for the given merchant 

maxQuantity (string)
Maximum number of product quantity for each line item for this 
group (string)
Merchant group
customerServiceUrl (string)
Url for customer service for the merchant
returnPolicy (string)
Url that is pointing to the return policy page of the merchant
freeShipping (string)
GMV threshold for free shipping. 
shippingCharge (string)
Shipping charge for the orders that has less GMV than free shipping threshold 


Sample response as follows

        "id": "62a0b5555ce2f83f392eca85",
        "name": "Walmart",
        "merchantLogo": "",
        "maxQuantity": 12,
        "group": "open",
        "customerServiceUrl": "",
        "returnPolicy": "",
        "freeShipping": "35",
        "shippingCharge": "6.99"
        "id": "62a0b5525ce2f83f392ec88a",
        "name": "Target",
        "merchantLogo": "",
        "maxQuantity": 12,
        "group": "open",
        "customerServiceUrl": "",
        "returnPolicy": "",
        "freeShipping": "35",
        "shippingCharge": "0"