Shoppable v5 Catalog API

This endpoint is used to query the entire Shoppable catalog against the given keywords. Users have the ability to...

Shoppable v5 Catalog Call


This endpoint is used to query the entire Shoppable product catalog against the given keywords. Users have the ability to
  • filter results by brand and merchant.
  • Paginate the response
  • Get product details like description, images, color, and size information.

API EndPoint



Authentication is done with two headers in the request header. Both the bearer token and x-shoppable-secret will be provided to you by your Customer Success Manager at Shoppable.  

Request Headers 

  "Authorization": “Bearer <Bearer token that will be provided by shoppable>”, 
  "x-shoppable-secret": “<Shoppable Secret will be provided by shoppable>”
  "Content-Type": "application/json"


Request Header authorization parameters when generating your request along with context



(Bearer Token)

Unique token that allows access to authorized users to make calls against the Catalog API.


Unique identifier string that together with the authorization bearer, validates the bearer token    

Request Body

Requests must be in application/json format and must contain the following variables.



pageSize (string)

How many products should be fetched at once

page (string)

The current page for paginating.

query (string)

The term or upc to find products (include trailing space for more results)

brand (Array)

Optional parameter to narrow down by brand

retailers (Array)

Optional parameter to narrow down by retailer

deepPaging (boolean)

To indicate whether to deep paging during query 

"pageSize": "12",
"page": "0",
"query": "Shirt ",
"brand": ["Nike"],
"retailers": ["Target"],
"deepPaging": false


On a successful call you will receive the following data.




Total possible results


Total number of pages

page (Number) 

Current page of results

products (Array) 

Array of products returned from the API

brands (Array) 

Array of all brands listed for the products

merchants (Array)

Array of all merchants for the products

status (Number)

Indicates success of API call (0 or 1)


name (string)

Name of the Product

availableVariations (Number)

Number of variations for the product

brand (string)

Name of Product’s Brand

color (string)

Color variation of Product

size (string)

Size variation of Product

status (number)

Product Availability (In Stock/Out of Stock)

category (string)

Category of Product

retail_price (string)

Listed price of the product


Description of the Product

url (string)

Product Detail Page link


Unique Product Code number used to identify products from different retailers


Unique product identifier, usually provided by Product manufacturer

image (string)

Primary image of Product



Array of additional images for the product

merchant (string)

Name of Product’s Merchant 

isMyProduct (Boolean)

If the product is listed in MyProducts

commission (String)

Commission rate for the product


Max number threshold of the Product that can be added to the cart


Cart total threshold that must be reached to qualify for free shipping 

shipping (number)

Shipping charge of the Product (If free shipping threshold is not reached)


Merchant Logo for Product


  "totalCount": Number,

  "pageCount": Number,

  "page": Number,

  "products": [{


   "id": String,

   "name": String,

   "availableVariants": Number,

   "brand": String,

   "color": String,

   "size": String,

   "status": Boolean,

   "category": String,

   "retail_price": String,

   "priceRange": String,

   "description_long": String,

   "url": String,

   "upc": String",

   "merchantSku": String",

   "image": String,

   "additional_images": Array,

   "merchant": String,

   "isMyProduct": Boolean,

   "commission": String,

   "maxQuantity": Number,

   "freeShipping": String,

   "shipping": String,

   "merchantLogo": String



  "brands": Array,

  "merchants": Array,

  "status": Number