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What are the differences between DTC Lite™, Ad Experience™, and Instant Shop, and which one is best for my company?

Shoppable® has a suite of commerce technologies to help you make an existing website or blog shoppable, create a new shoppable shop, or launch Shoppable ads. Here is a breakdown of how you can differentiate them.

Shoppable® DTC Lite™ 

  • This is ideal for companies that have an existing website and CMS (content management system) and want to add "buy buttons", a shopping cart, and universal checkout functionality to their website.
  • Typically Shoppable® DTC Lite™  is preferred by publishers and digital media companies as well as CPG companies and manufacturers that want to make their brand site Shoppable. 
  • Consumers have had more success closing the funnel when they are shopping with CPG companies.
  • Preferred for companies with multiple retailer channels. While it is recommended that there are at least 2 retailers attached to your token, customers have had more success and higher conversion rates when having 3 or more retailers connected to their account.
  • Best experience for enterprises but not limited to smaller companies. While enterprise companies will have the best experience with Shoppable® DTC Lite™, in that it allows for normalization across products and retailers, Shoppable® DTC Lite™ can still be used by smaller companies that do not have an in cart experience hosted on their website, allowing for a checkout experience without having to do the engineering work on their end.

Shoppable® Ad Experience™

  • Perfect for companies looking to upgrade their current ads to track the full conversion funnel and acquire 1st party data for shoppers purchasing the products advertised. Current ad experiences are outdated, requiring shoppers to link off and be redirected to a page, which allows for more drop rates for your shoppers. Shoppable® Ad Experience™, allows customers to shop directly on an ad, allowing for higher conversion rates for your shoppers.
  • Great for both enterprises and smaller companies. With Shoppable® Ad Experience™, we have found success for both enterprise-level companies as well as smaller individual brands as well. Shoppable® Ad Experience™ gives a unique experience for shoppers, which in turn allows your brand to stand out in the market.

Shoppable® Instant Shop

  • Ideal for medium-large brands as well as influencers. While enterprise companies are welcome to use this experience, Shoppable® Instant Shop is best for companies who are new to the e-commerce space and are looking for an easy setup for an e-commerce experience.
  • Best for companies who do not host their own e-commerce experience. Shoppable® Instant Shop allows for users to create an account with us and begin creating their own hosted e-commerce experience, without having to host it on their own website.